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Muhammad Qandeel Aslam
Chief Executive Officer

Muhammad Qandeel Aslam is a highly skilled and experienced Drupal Consultant with a passion for Open Source technologies. With over 18 years of overall experience in the field of full-stack development, he has dedicated the last 14 years to specialising in Drupal.

Contact Info
Phone : +92 333 532 0660
Email :
MBA, COMSATS University
BS, Computer Sciences, Hamdard University

Muhammad's journey in the world of web development began many years ago when he discovered his love for coding and creating dynamic websites. His expertise spans across the entire Drupal ecosystem, including Drupal core, modules, theming, and custom development. 

Throughout his career, Muhammad has successfully delivered numerous projects, ranging from small-scale websites to large enterprise-level solutions. He has collaborated with clients from various industries, including e-commerce, education, government, and non-profit organizations. His ability to understand clients' requirements and translate them into effective Drupal solutions has earned him a reputation for delivering high-quality work. 

As a Drupal Consultant, Muhammad possesses in-depth knowledge of the Drupal architecture and best practices. He is skilled in developing custom Drupal modules and themes, optimizing website performance, and ensuring robust security measures. His proficiency extends to integrating Drupal with other systems and technologies, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and third-party APIs. 

Muhammad stays up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the Drupal community, attending conferences and actively participating in online forums. He believes in the power of collaboration and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow developers through blog posts, tutorials, and community events. 

Outside of his professional pursuits, Muhammad is a dedicated advocate for Open Source software and believes in its potential to drive innovation and empower individuals and organisations. He actively contributes to the Drupal community by volunteering his time and expertise to help improve the platform and support fellow developers. 

With his wealth of experience, technical skills, and passion for Drupal, Muhammad Qandeel Aslam continues to make significant contributions to the field of Open Source full-stack development, leaving a lasting impact on the projects he undertakes and the clients he serves.

Team Skills
Solution Analyst--95
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